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Project Management

SPLASH project management processes are designed to minimize management costs, whilst maximizing involvement and ownership of the project by European members.

The chosen structure tries to provide a combination of efficiency and effectiveness.


Strategic Management Board

The Strategic Management Board comprises the senior representatives of the Consortium partners. It is SPLASH's main decision making body, meeting every six months to review progress, to make strategic decisions regarding SPLASH and to approve workplans for the next period.

The principle responsibilities of the SPLASH Strategic Management Board are:

  • Sharing of information and maintaining a network at decision-making level
  • Approval of plans, approaches and results
  • Strategic decisions concerning the future, including involvement of new consortium members
  • Monitoring the work performed and ensuring quality control
  • Reviewing progress towards achieving the objectives of SPLASH


Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

The purpose of the SAC is to provide a forum for stakeholders. It comprises 30 members from both the research and practitioner communities, including participants from Africa and the Mekong regions.

The SAC meets twice a year and advises the Strategic Management Board on the strategic and visionary development of SPLASH and on related science and policy issues.


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee comprises Work Package Leaders and Task Leaders. The Committee discusses progress on the delivery of SPLASH technical outputs.

The Technical Committee reports to the Strategic Management Board at six-monthly intervals and prepares the technical background reports for the SAC.


Work Package Leaders

These are responsible for the organization of Task teams, ensuring adherence to the stated objectives and the production of deliverables in a timely manner. In addition, Work Package Leaders oversee the work of the Task Leaders and other Consortium members and provide monthly project management updates on progress made on implementing the Work Packages.


External Network

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