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Searchable Databases

SPLASH has developed searchable databases for easy access to information on the topics below:

SPLASH Partner-funded Programmes

This is a searchable online database of existing SPLASH partner funded programmes, following the survey which was undertaken as part of Work Package 2. Here you can search by existing donor programmes, recipient countries and major themes. The results are provided as pdf documents giving an outline of each programme. To access the synthesis report on the Review of National Programmes on Water Science and Technology for the Developing World, click here.

Click here to go to the database.

Water for Development Yellow Pages

Given the range of water for development research projects and programmes which are funded and carried out by the SPLASH partner countries, the SPLASH Water for Development Yellow Pages provides listings by country of online resources for development-related water research. This is an easy means of finding out information about these resources, which can be searched by the categories of university and research institutes, research projects and programmes, information portals and repositories, and electronic discussion lists. Full website details are provided, including the main organisations involved and the research outputs they produce.

Click here to go to the Yellow Pages.

Capacity Building Directory

This directory covers international programmes which develop capacity in the water for development sector; the directory is not meant to guide users to funded opportunities. Its target audience therefore is anyone interested in knowing who is involved in capacity development in the water sector. The introduction highlights the different ways that the directory can be used.

Click here to go to the Capacity Building Directory.